To Hong Kong


A student commuting between Shengzhen and Hong Kong

My homeboy used to work in Hong Kong for years. As a result, I’ve spent lots of weekends there, and this little city became mainly about booze and street photography to me.

It normally starts from Huang Gang Port (皇岗口岸) in Shenzhen, where I will hop on a bus and head towards my homeboy’s place in Fortrees Hill. He will prepare some weird craft beers for the warm-up, and old fashioned local restaurants come afterwards, then all kinds of alcohol shots after shots in Lan Kwai Fong.

But no matter how crazy we went during the night, a fantastic photo walk is usually guaranteed the next day. And I still remember the weekend about 10 years ago when I bought my first DSLR , a Canon 450D and a cheap 50/1.8 plastic lens, and passed my retired point-and-shoot Powershot A710 on to him (very reluctantly), we were so drunk and trying so hard to figure out some stupid bokeh settings.

Then this guy, a craft beer connoisseur, inevitably suffered from gout, which basically turned him into a juice man, no booze in Hong Kong anymore. And last year he got married , moved to the even smaller Singapore, no photo walk in Hong Kong anymore.

I sorted the films that I shot in Hong Kong these years, and the latest roll was from summertime 2017. Perhaps this will be the last one for me in the near future.

Hello Kitty Fillipino

I’m the tourist, he is not

Everyone has a role to play except for the street photographer

Weekend of nannies

Nanny sports

Mantis the Kong Fu Master


Bus station

Residents of Tin Hau Station

*Rollei 35 with Fuji Pro 400H