What makes street photography fascinating to me? If the moment of pressing the shutter becomes the end of all possibilities, and the photo itself turns out to be a death certificate of all fun.

Browsing through the fragments that I captured in Tokyo for a year, my favorite place for street photography, there are many good ones for sharing with others, disappointingly not much could reproduce the enjoyments that I had on the streets. Perhaps for me, the entertaining part is not even related to photography, but the prior process of observing, searching, anticipating and mental interacting with the environment.

Back to my familiar spots in Tokyo at midnight, explore again for the artificial lights, parties in the air and everyone unwittingly connected by the imminent last train, the fun is still there and everywhere. People return home soon after having whatever they like, and I try to photograph those enjoyable and indecisive moments of mine before I want to get into anything in particular.

2016 – 2018

Digital (DSLR)

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